Leif Handberg | 16:10-16:20

Associate Professor in Media Technology

Project leader KTH R1 Experimental Performance Space

Leif Handberg is a senior lecturer in media technology and director of KTH R1 Experimental Performance Space and Presence Lab. Leif Handberg is also vice chairman of the association Skandiaorgeln. As he says about himself: 'Problem Solver – Bridge Builder – Facilitator – Fun maker'.
Jonas Johansson | 16:20 - 16:40
Artist & Nordic AV Community leader
Jonas Johansson is an anywhere based designer transforming light ✺ technology through play ❋ education and (un)human intervention
Ylva Hansdotter | 16:40-17:00
Ylva is the founder and director of 'XR impact', a non-profit organization that leverage Extended Reality technologies like VR and AR to extend human sensory and cognitive experiences with the ambition to inspire positive global action towards the Sustainable Development Goals. She is also a Ph.D. Candidate at SMARTlab (UCD/Mechanical and Materials Engineering) and she focuses her research on the use of positive and immersive storytelling to stimulate prosocial actions. 
Timmy Ghiurau | 17:00-17:20
Senior Lead XR & Virtual experiences | Volvo Cars
Timmy Ghiurau leads Volvo Cars’ initiative around virtual and augmented reality, and works with virtual simulations, eye tracking, and Virtual Reality (VR) as enablers for self-driving cars and user experience research. 
Almira Thunström | 17:20-17:40
Organisational Developer and Researcher SUH
Almira Osmanovic Thunstrom is an organisational developer, researcher and project manager at the Department of Psychiatry for Affective Disorders at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Her priority are  projects concerning evaluation, implementation and clinical trials regarding virtual and augmented reality, brain computer interfaces and all aspects of artificial intelligence. 
Cristian-Emanuel Anton | 17:40-18:00
Founder & CEO | MeetinVR
Cristian-Emanuel Anton is the founder and CEO of MeetinVR a Danish based company who has developed one of the leading VR collaboration tools for enterprise. He has started prototyping MeetinVR in 2015 and has since played an active role in pushing the usecase of VR collaboration forward. 

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