UX & XR: everyday digital experiences  

LIVE streamed panel discussion by Tieto_Evry x MEETinVR 

We are happy to launch our first in VR panel discussion with the leading experts from XR industry. The panel discussion + Q&A will be streamed online via zoom. 

Due to the COVID-19 situation, most of the communication between people is happening via digital platforms and the intensity everyday digital experiences is increasing significantly. Our UX & XR experts from academia and business will share their visions related to the topic of the everyday digital experiences and how XR technology might potentially improve it and bring some quality and comfort. 

The panel discussion is organised by TietoEvry in collaboration with MeetinVR. 


Timmy Ghiurau | Senior Lead XR & Virtual experiences | Volvo Cars

Pia Tikka | Research Professor | Tallin University

Emma Ridderstand | CEO & Co-founder Warpin Media

Petr Legkov | Producer and Co-Host of ResearchVR podcast.


Ksenia Avetisova | Head of Enhanced Reality | TietoEvry

VR_Sci Fest 2020 is supported by KTH Digitalization Platform